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Scientist admits ionisation smoke detection technology was derived from downed Roswell spacecraft.

Ex NASA Scientist Dr Día de los Inocentes has revealed that early smoke detectors that used the ionisation chamber principle were based on technology found in the extra- terrestrial craft that crashed near Roswell in 1947. Apparently the technology was used by Alien Greys to monitor their anti-gravity propulsion devices that enable their spacecraft to travel billions of miles in a few short minutes. This revelation has been strenuously denied by his ex employers. He says "It's no coincidence that commercially available ionisation smoke detectors were introduced just a few short years after the crash."

He goes on to state that many other devices that we use today were similarly reverse engineered from the craft. This included fibre optic cable, silicon based microprocessors, and even vacuum cleaners. "Even alien greys liked to keep their spaceships clean and tidy" he goes on to state.


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