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Holistic fire strategies book - now also available as a hardback....

Paul Bryant's new book is now available in Hardcover - just in time for Christmas and to welcome in 2022. For those not acquainted with Paul's books, this book covers his idea to completely revolutionise the way we apply fire safety engineering to buildings.

He proposes an online methodology that uses the same principles for an office building in Acton, London, an apartment block in downtown Dubai or a facilities center in Orlando Florida. The book takes through through his thought process which was the basis of his Doctorate attained this year at Lodz, Poland.

Dry in parts - humorous in parts - and with a spattering of calculus, the book takes you from a historical perspective of fire safety regulation through to the use of the internet to prepare fire strategies. Possibly not bedtime reading but the book will not fail to make you think about the current world of fire engineering. Time for change? Paul thinks so. Available in most countries via Amazon Books.

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