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Some of the sectors we have worked with ...


Around the world, railway stations, and the associated infrastructure, are becoming more complex to allow for ever increasing passenger numbers. The associated fire strategies will need to cater for the complexities - especially when  evacuating thousands from a number of levels.



Heritage buildings pose special considerations in order to maintain the original infrastructure as far as possible. The fire strategy will need to take a pragmatic yet effective approach. We have experience with some of the most high profile establishments in the UK and overseas.


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Road and rail tunnel construction is on the increase yet each has its own set of unique risk factors. Location is as much an issue as any other aspect. Key considerations are communication and appropriate means of evacuation, combined with carefully designed smoke control systems.


Construction sites

Construction sites can be potentially areas where the risk of fire can be greatly increased. In some cases, it may be advisable that a special construction fire strategy is prepared to ensure that the key risks can be mitigated and that workers can be appropriately protected.


High rise buildings

The competition to build ever higher and more complex buildings introduces continuing new challanges for the fire strategist. Sometimes code compliance cannot be readily expected if the strategy is going to be effective.


Airports and the corresponding infrastructure are continually being upgraded to cater for increased demand. Likewise, the fire strategy will need to be similarly flexible to allow for continual modifications.



Whether manufacturing units, oil and gas processing plants or waste management sites, the fire strategist will need to be aware of all the risks and the range of possible solutions. Life safety will be a critical factor but so will business continuity.



Healthcare premises, whether hospitals down to singular GP surgeries, carry a very special set of considerations, particularly when it comes to evacuation of mobility impaired or ambulant persons. We have the expertise to ensure that strategies effectively cover all the issues. Also check out our Authorising Engineer site!


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