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Paul Bryant's books on fire safety take 3 of the top 6 best selling slots on Amazon UK.

Paul Bryant's book "Fire Strategies - strategic thinking" has once again reached the No. 1 spot on Amazon UK's best selling books under the category of fire protection and safety in buildings. Furthermore, two of his other books have reached the 3rd and 5th spot. "It's surprising given the book was written back in 2013" says Paul. He did point out that the book "Fire risk assessments for complex buildings" does require a full revision. "I need to improve the usability of the book to provide better guidance for the type of risks found in complex building environments". He hopes to publish a full revision this year.

Paul will be shortly publishing his new book "Holistic Fire Strategies - The search for a global methodology". Many thnaks to all who have bought the book. Greatly appreciated!


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