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Holistic fire strategies book is finally available on Amazon

Dr Paul Bryant's book "Holistic Fire Strategies - The search for a global methodology" is finally available for purchase on Amazon Books. Although the book was initially published in December 2020, it was held off from availability until Paul's doctorate on the same subject was completed in June 2021. "I am happy with the results and the delay gave me time to make further amendments" Paul says.

He hopes that readers will find the subject matter of interest. The book effectively provides a blueprint for an entirely new way of formulating and approving fire strategies, making use of the internet and the domain "". A holistic fire strategy includes consideration of a wider set of issues than is commonly considered. The method will include a scoring system for fire strategies and the whole process will be designed to use algorithms, with the complex issues automatically updated via the completion of a "metric template". He is currently in discussions with a Spanish software company to help deliver the metric template which will be the brains behind the concept.


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