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Fire strategies

We are best known for our development of the ideas and concepts behind modern fire strategies. As well as writing the relevant British Standard Specification (PAS 911), we have formulated fire strategies throughout the UK and overseas, for a variety of sectors. It is likely that every  complex building will be eventually covered by an up-to-date fire strategy. 


Corporate fire standards and procedures

Do you have a need to prepare your own fire documents? Then call us. We have had considerable experience of writing bespoke documents for many sectors. Our partners have been involved in writing a number of British Standards including BS 5939 Pt 1, BS 7273 series, BS 6266, as well as european and international standards.


Fire risk assessments for complex buildings

Although we tend not to be involved with mainstream fire risk assessments, we can assist when the issues assessed are more complex than is typically the case. We wrote the Kingfell Guide for fire risk assesments for complex buildings (KF913).


Peer review

We can evaluate strategies prepared by others and provide meaningful comments. Every review will be signed and stamped by a chartered fire engineer.


Fire and evacuation modelling

Fire and evacuation modelling has properly come of age and provides realistic assessments of the RSET (Required safe escape time) and ASET (Available safe escape time) amongst many other areas of analysis. We can both prepare and evaluate a variety of models directly or via our associate network.


Fire protection system evaluation

Can you ever be sure that the systems originally designed are still compliant with the relevant standards and are still operating as intended.We have found that, in many cases, what is seen cannot always be believed. Allow us to undertake a special assessment.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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