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Fatalities in Hospital Fire ....

It has been reported that many have been killed and injured at a Hospital in Miryang in South Korea. It is believed that the fire started in an emergency care room and quickly spread throughout the Hospital. The death toll could reach 50 or more, with many injured in a critical condition. The Hospital is reported as having around 200 beds.

Although major fires in Hospitals are relatively rare events, it could be said that this is often the result of the high levels of fire safety and protection required for Hospitals in most parts of the world. However, if not controlled at an early stage, the results can be devastating.

In the UK, HTM standards have been used to ensure high levels of safety for NHS premises. There is also the requirement for a proper and up to date fire strategy.

A further safeguard is the use of objective assessors of the safety management and systems provided. This is in the form of an "authorising engineer" for various disciplines, including fire.

Fire Cubed has set up a site covering their role as authorising engineer at .

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