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Fire Cubed appointed as Authorising Engineers for fire at key Central London NHS Trust

Firecubed are proud to announce their appointment as authorising engineers for fire at a key London NHS Trust. The remit includes all the auditing and reporting of the fire compliance matters against HTM codes to the Board of Directors. Also included is a complete review of fire strategy, assistance with compartmentation review and specialist engineering support for the hospital wide automatic fire detection and alarm system.

Paul Bryant, chartered fire engineer and founding partner commented “We are seeing more enquiries from NHS trusts seeking advice on general fire safety matters. They understand that, by appointing an authorising engineer for fire (as recommended by the HTM firecode), matters can be managed in a very structured way, for the benefit of patient care and general safety".

Fire Cubed was specifically set up to provide only the best in global fire engineering for the benefit of their customers. Ability and expertise to tackle complex challenges when it comes to fire safety management and fire strategies is more valued than ever before.

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