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Spanish Company invents completely firesafe buildings. No need for fire detection, compartmentation

A Spanish Company is reported as inventing construction materials that will prevent any fire from starting within a building using them. Ximplet SSA of Sitges, Barcelona, will announce the product today.

The idea is simple - the building linings will absorb a level of oxygen that will prevent fire growth, once triggered by the chemical signature of an early growing fire. However, the oxygen level will be maintained above the minimum level required for breathing.

The CEO, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that "This concept is completely safe for people and will completely revolutionise fire safety in buildings. It can be applied to old and new buildings. There is no longer a need for any of the traditional forms of fire safety and protection. Architects will be allowed to build any structure without the restrictions associated with fire safety engineering."

The Chairman of the International Fire Safety Employers Organization - FSEO, has expressed severe concerns, as this could completely decimate the industry globally. "There will be no need for fire protection products and services, so all of us will need to look elsewhere for our employment," he states.

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